A taste of delicious Spain

Each morning we prepare a delicious breakfast for our guests with

  • Different types of fresh Spanish bread rolls
  • Spanish ham
  • Spanish cheese
  • Home-made jam and marmalade
  • Fresh fruit of the season
  • Yoghurt
  • Cereals
  • Fresh orange juice- tea - coffee

If desired we can also prepare a typically Andalusian breakfast: grilled bread with olive oil and fresh grated tomatoes. We can also bake you an egg or bacon. The breakfast is served on crockery specially designed, manufactured and painted for El Olivar at the pottery village La Rambla.


If you don’t feel like going out for dinner, you can always use the barbecue. The guest kitchen is also completely at your disposal.

Tables d’hôtes

We cook a few times a week a fixed menu for our guests on request.

Several restaurants in the neighbourhood

  • We’ve made a selection for you of 10 restaurants in the area.
  • One of our favourites is El Charcón, a type of road inn (venta) just outside Iznájar, very cosy. The restaurant has an enormous fireplace, with a blackened wall, covered with shiny olive oil specks, which are traces of the olive branches which are burned in the fire. But even when the fireplace is in use in the winter, it has enough room to fit several tables next to it. Typically Andalusian dishes are served: Spanish ham and cheese, very tasty meat, gambas a la plancha (grilled king prawns)...
  • Next to the lake is a cool beach restaurant.
  • In the nearest town, Rute is the Venegas restaurant, known for the seafood.
  • Tapas can be found at almost any bar or café.
  • And so many more ...

The regional specialties

  • Olive oil and homemade olive preserves
  • Montilla wines from the town of Montilla, which has been producing wine since the 8th century b. C The wine is similar to sherry
  • Pinchos morunos or Moorish skewers: meat skewers condimented with paprika and cumin
  • Delicious veal and pork (Ibérico)
  • Anchovies and sardines
  • Anís, the famous anisette from the town of Rute
  • Most restaurants do also serve paella, but it needs to be ordered in advance. If so desired, we can make those reservations for you
  • A tip: ask for the menu of the day or 'menù del día' at the ventas (road inns) and you can have a good meal for 8 or 10 euros

Recipe for a typical dish: Salmorejo de naranja

  • Salted fish (or tuna fish)
  • Sweet oranges
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Olive oil
  • Bread

Fry a small piece of salted fish in a pan. No oil is required.
Leave the fish soaking in water for 5 minutes.
Peel the fish and cut it in small pieces.
Peel the orange and make sure to remove all the white skin.
Peel the 4 hardboiled eggs and cut them in dices.
Mix all the ingredients. Serve on a plate and pour the olive oil over.
To be eaten with some bread, that you soak in the mixture of fruit juice and olive oil.


"Carmen grew up at the farm where we now live in. She has become a good friend of the family and visits us regularly. She made us this tasty salad on a very warm summer day. If I read the recipe in a cook book without knowing what it is, I would never choose it, but it is really delicious and ideal for a hot day”