The countryside near Casa Rural El Olivar

The countryside

The countryside surrounding Casa Rural El Olivar is breath-taking. The hills are covered with neat rows of olive trees, forming a green dotted patchwork blanket. In between there are typical Andalusian white villages.

Spectacularly shaped lake

Another main attraction of Casa Rural El Olivar is the Iznájar Lake, the largest of Andalusia and often called 'Lake of Andalusia'. The lake provides drinking water to the city of Seville, so motorised boats are not authorised on it. This means even more fun for the “silent” water athletes. Don’t expect busy mass tourism. It is very likely to make a boat trip and not encounter anyone else on the water.

Andalusian White villages

The white village Iznájar is less than half an hour by foot and five minutes by car away from Casa Rural El Olivar. It has just about 5.000 inhabitants (of which 2.500 live in the centre and the remaining 2.500 spread across the countryside). Nearby there are several other typical white villages, each of them worth to be explored.

Natural Park La Subbética

The white village Iznájar is at the South of the extensive Natural Park La Subbética. In that park there are several walking and cycling routes that follow the old railroad. Nearby there are several other natural parks, like Fuente de Piedra which is home to many birds (one of the largest breeding areas for flamingos), El Torcal, ...

Vespa routes

Andalusia is more than just a Spanish region, it’s a way of life! Open your senses to everything it has to offer. Come and see, feel and taste the splendours of one of the most thrilling parts of the Iberian Peninsula. Choose your own picnic spot amongst the olive trees, enjoy the beautiful views over La Subbética Cordobesa and take your time to explore the quiet villages with their hospitable inhabitants. Stop wherever you like, whenever you like. It’s an experience you’ll never forget!

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Donkey rides

Donkeys are the perfect companions for special trips through the roughness of nature. For centuries, donkeys have been an important part of rural life in Spain. Donkeys are calm animals that think before they act. They don’t ever run or jump. Donkey-riding is a pleasure for both donkey and rider. Our trips are organised in small groups of 2 to 5 persons. The trips are open for adults and children older than 10 years of age.

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"Even after just a year of living and working in Iznájar we felt completely at home in the village. We know the wick worker, the potter, the olive mill owner, the herder and the local farmers...all of them by name. Besides giving you tips to explore the region, we can also, if so desired, organise personal meetings with the Spanish inhabitants of Iznájar."